Sync segments with paid channels

Sync segments with other channels


Paid advertising channels like Google and Facebook enable you to create exact match & lookalike audiences from your email subscriber database. This is a powerful way to serve paid advertising directly to a group of people who are already engaged with your brand.

The best way to sync subscribers with other channels is with segments. Currently, segment sync supports Facebook and we'll be rolling out additional channels in the very near future.

Setting up Facebook Sync

Step 1: Once you've created a segment, head over to "Syncing" in the Segment's sub-navigation.

Step 2: Then click, "Add Channel"

Step 3: From here, you'll need to auth into your Facebook Ads account.

Step 4: Once authorization is complete, you will choose the Facebook Ads account associated with your business. Finally, you'll choose which audience to sync to or create a new one.

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