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Export a segment


Rejoiner allows you to export your segment’s customers to a CSV. To do so, simply click on the export segment on the right corner of your segment’s customers section:

Once you click on the button, the platform will prepare your export. You will see the following while it is working on your export:

Note that this process may take a while as we’re pulling all of your segment’s customers to export them into a CSV. However, you do not need to stay on that page in the app. You will receive an email with the CSV as an attachment as soon as the export is complete.

If you do decide to wait for the download in your segment’s page, the platform will immediately download the file to your computer and will ask you to check your downloads like so:

The good news is that we will store the export file in the segment for 24 hours or until a new request takes place. That way, if you delete the email, you will be able to quickly get your CSV from your segment. If a segment has a saved export, the Export button will then look like so:

If you click on the floppy disk icon, as per the red arrow above, you will be able to retrieve the latest export of your segment:

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