Update Lists

Update Lists

You can add contacts to a list via different methods in Rejoiner. This guide will show you how.

To start, click on the Update List button at the top right corner of your list. This will trigger the following side navigation to appear with update options:

Upload CSV

To use this option please select the following from your Update List side navigation options:

You may import contacts from another application to a Rejoiner list by uploading a comma-delimited CSV file. Click here to download an example.

Why this Format?

A comma-delimited is a type of data format in which each piece of data is separated by a comma. This is a popular format for transferring data from one application to another, because most database systems are able to import and export comma-delimited data.

For example, data pulled from a database and represented in comma-delimited format looks something like the following. Each column value is separated by a comma from the next column's value and each row starts a new line:

email,first_name,last_name,age,birthdate,gender,location,Adams,Jane,1973-03-31,46,f,New York,Doe,John,1987-10-01,32,m,California,Jones,Sam,2006-04-20,13,m,Texas,Smith,Mary,1955-12-04,64,f,Louisiana

Copy & Paste Contacts

To use this option please select the following from your Update List side navigation options:

You can manually import contacts into a Rejoiner list via copy/paste, or by typing them.

1 Upon selecting the Copy Paste option, you will be taken to the following screen:

2 You may paste a list of contact emails, or contact emails and any other parameter values. Like so inside the text area:



If you're pasting other contact parameters, you must use the correct formatting and include all parameters—including the email parameter—as the first line.

3 If adding more than 1 contact, then you must add each contact's info in a new line:

4 Lastly, click on the Update List button to add your new contacts to the list.

5 You should now see your new contacts in your list:

Sync via Rest API

To sync your lists via Rest API please head over here

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