Test Your Integration

Test Your Integration

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to verify that your Rejoiner integration is set up correctly.

We're here to help you with testing.

If you get stuck, email for assistance.

Testing Steps

Whitelisting Your Staging Environment

If you are deploying Rejoiner JavaScript into an environment that is different from your production website, the staging environment will need to be whitelisted.


To request a whitelist, please email with the full URL of your staging server.

Testing using Chrome's Developer Tools

Once you've connected your staging or production website to Rejoiner, we can use Chrome's developer tools within your browser. We've found that this Chrome tool is the best way to verify that the integration is set up correctly.

Download Chrome

You can install Chrome on your computer here.

Basic Chrome Tools Tutorial

Watch this short video for a summary on using developer tools to test:

This video is a placeholder


Abandon Your Checkout Form

The most important test to complete is abandoning a transaction on your staging or production website. Here's a step-by-step walkthrough on how to test efficiently:

1Go over to your account Settings
2In your Domain Settings you will see a dropdown for your buffer settings.

Your buffer is the amount of time after the last activity before a session is considered abandoned. Because we're testing your integration, we want to lower the buffer wait-time.


You should only lower the wait-time on Rejoiner accounts that do not have any active Journeys.

Complete a Test Order

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